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Summer Employment
Only students who are PHEAA and Stackpole Hall eligible will be considered for summer employment. To find out if you are PHEAA eligible, visit the PHEAA Web page. To find out if you are Stackpole Hall eligible, visit the Stackpole-Hall Foundation's Summer Jobs Web page.

Job Shadowing
If you are interested in job shadowing, please contact the Human Resources Department at (814) 788-8564.


If you are a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician's Assistant and are interested in conducting a medical internship at Elk Regional, contact Paula McMackin at (814) 788-8559.

Patient Experience
Any information about a patient experience, whether it be positive or negative, MUST be given to Charlotte Floravit, our Public Relations Director, who can be reached at (814) 788-8532. You may also call Kristen Johnson in our Public Relations Department at (814) 788-8832.

Other Inquiries
Any other inquiries should be directed to Elk Regional's main switchboard at (814) 788-8000.