Visiting Hours

Our nurses and caregivers are committed to maintaining a patient and family focused environment and are prepared to make every effort to accommodate visitors.

For the comfort of our patients and their families, we ask that visitors follow these general guidelines:

  • Visiting hours at Elk Regional Health Center are unrestricted. However, we recommend that visitors leave the building by 8 p.m. to allow patients to rest.
  • Patients must give consent and are allowed to designate which visitors are able to visit. Our patients have the right to withdraw or deny consent at any time.
  • Children must be free of illness, remain in the patient’s room and be under the supervision of their parent or guardian.
  • Our medical staff and caregivers may ask that visitors step out of the room so that care can be provided to our patients.
  • Elk Regional reserves the right to limit visitation for a variety of reasons, including infection control, patient care needs, the need for a sterile environment and patient desires for privacy or uninterrupted rest.

We at Elk Regional are grateful for those who visit our patients. A strong network of family and friends contributes to the healing process and enhances patient well-being.

If you have questions, please call the Public Relations Department at (814) 788-8532 or (814) 788-8832.