Hospital Expansion Project is Officially Under Way

Elk Regional Health Center has announced that its $10.3 million building and expansion project will be officially under way after the holiday weekend. The project, which will redesign part of the hospital’s surgical suite in favor of a new maternity unit, will add a third floor to the hospital that will house 42 new, private patient rooms and a new geriatric behavioral health unit.

Construction will begin on Tuesday, July 5, when crews will begin renovating the hospital’s Short Procedure Unit, a surgical suite that is used for same-day surgical procedures performed on an outpatient basis.

“We at Elk Regional are very excited to see work begin on our project,” said Gregory P. Bauer, the president and CEO of Elk Regional Health System. “This project will transform our hospital. There will be minor inconveniences along the way, but we’re confident that the high-quality services we provide to our patients will continue uninterrupted.”

Teddy Mackcoviack, the Surgical Services Manager at Elk Regional, said patients who come to the Short Procedure Unit will notice only minor changes.

“Short Procedure patients will still come to the main desk in Registration, the same as they always have,” she said. “When they come up on the elevator, they’ll see signs directing them to our temporary waiting room. It will look a little different, but they’ll be able to check in and get ready for surgery with no hassle.”

The Short Procedure Unit will not close during the construction process, which will take between 12 and 18 months to complete. Construction crews will install special temporary walls that are designed specifically to keep dust and particles out of the air around the surgery suite. The contractor will also carefully monitor the air quality throughout the process to ensure that it meets Elk Regional’s strict standards.

Mrs. Mackcoviack said the construction process would only be a “minor disruption” to the Short Procedure Unit.

“Our unit won’t look as pretty for a little while, but we don’t anticipate any real disruptions,” she said. “I am confident that our patients won’t notice a bit of difference. They will continue to receive the absolute best in outpatient surgical care.”

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